a poster series for a wistful mood

A poster series—
for a wistful mood

Project Title—Lost in Translation Poster Series
Poster Design, Experimental Type

Objective—create a series of three film posters to convey a mood through manually altered typeforms. At times, practical effects can be more emotive than computer graphics. Type can emote just as strongly as images. In this series of posters, practical effects and type take the center stage to portray the wistful, melancholic mood of the 2004 film Lost in Translation, in which two people seek meaning in their lives while they are traveling abroad in a foreign city.

Design—light and texture, hinting at a distant scene. Vellum, cut paper, and light effects created the textures and images for this poster series. Colored lights and flames behind a sheet of vellum created the soft shapes and forms, which hint at a distant landscape that the viewer can't quite make out, helping to creating a sense of distance, longing, and loneliness.