a type specimen for designers

A type specimen—
for designers

Project Title—Monotype Grotesque
Booklet Design

Objective—design a type specimen booklet for the typeface Monotype Grotesque. One of the earliest grotesque typefaces, Monotyope Grotesque was developed in beginning of the 20th century. In this type specimen booklet, the venerable typeface is displayed in a bold, modern context to appeal to graphic designers working now, who may be looking for the right typeface for their next project or just for fun.

Design—an old dog with new tricks. The early grotesque typefaces have a charming warmth of character, quirky features, and sense of fun. The design here reflects this with a distinctive bright color palette, a whimsical tone of voice, and unique, playful compositions.

us digest interior (5,5x8,5)Monotype_Grotesque_page1.jpg
us digest interior (5,5x8,5)Monotype_Grotesque_intro.jpg
us digest interior (5,5x8,5)Monotype_Grotesque_RS.jpg
us digest interior (5,5x8,5)Monotype_Grotesque_brownfox.jpg
us digest interior (5,5x8,5)Monotype_Grotesque_backpage.jpg